Each vintage has
its own inner strength

In Burgundy, perhaps more than elsewhere, the influence of the vintage is essential.Every vintage marks and inspires the wines. We suggest you review our personal notes on the past 8 vintages.

Generous and gourmand
The harvest began on September 1st. Once again, it was a very early year, marked by record heat throughout the entire year. We experienced a mild spring and a very sunny and dry summer. Significant storms at the end of June, with accumulations of 150 mm over a few days, allowed the vines to withstand the water stress in July and August. The harvest was finally more abundant, with ripe and juicy grapes. The wines present a palette of red fruit flavors with spicy notes.
Elegance and purity
The harvest started on September 23rd. This vintage was characterized by an unusually warm March and a very cold April. A black frost swept across the entire Burgundy region on April 7th, 8th, and 9th! The slopes were the most affected, with losses ranging from 30 to 75% for the estate. Patience was required in choosing the harvest date. The wines are supple and refined, displaying freshness, digestibility, and a lingering finish.
Color and concentration
The harvest began on August 27th. It is the earliest ever recorded in a century for the estate! The spring was very warm, and the summer was scorching, with water stress that left its mark on the vines and grapes. The harvest, not very abundant due to dehydration, yielded concentrated grapes with thick skins. The color of the wines is particularly dark, and the tannins are dense. By preserving more than a third of whole clusters and gently vinifying, the wines express themselves with voluptuousness and depth. Patience will be required to taste them.
Richness and smoothness
The harvest began on September 17th. The month of March was warm, and the vines budged early, risking damage from frost. This cold episode extended from mid-April to mid-May, slowing down foliage development. Then, summer quickly settled in from June, with very high temperatures in July and August. Interspersed with some beneficial storms, the ripening process was excellent. Wines with high alcohol content showcase delightful texture and density. These nearly perfect wines are expected to age for more than 20 years.
Maturity & Smoothness
Harvest began on 4 September. Winter and spring brought us high cumulative rainfall which helped replenish the groundwater tables. The sun and heat in early June activated the growth and flowering of the vine and the harvests were then brought forward owing to the hot, dry summer. The wines have been drinking well since their ageing and are characterised by rich, smooth black fruit. These wines have an undeniable potential for bottle ageing but are also very enjoyable in their youth.
Finesse & Discretion
Harvest began on 7 September. It was another early harvest but one that succeeded in conserving the characteristic Pinot Noir style with smooth, elegant tannins. The wines offer exceptional precision and are characteristic of their terroirs with overt floral aromas. This vintage is ready to be enjoyed much earlier than its predecessor.
Freshness & Depth
Harvest began on 28 September. The cool spring was followed by a warm and sunny summer right up until the harvest in late September. The quantity of the harvest was not abundant in certain plots such as Chambolle, Nuits and Gevrey, although the quality of the fruit gave us rich, deep nectars with incredible freshness! A vintage with outstanding potential for bottle ageing that is sure to stand out in tastings.
Density & Majesty
Harvesting started on 8 September. A quieter year in the vineyards at last! The small ripe bunches of Pinot Noir were greeted with delight on the sorting table and gave us a glimpse of a great vintage for cellar-ageing. The wines are rich and silky on the palate with pronounced black fruit. The aromatic depth inspires the drinker, its substance shows great nobility. This velvety wine is one for laying down
Round & Focused
Harvesting started on 16 September; After 20 months’ barrel-ageing, the Pinot Noir expresses itself in a symphony of aromas and flavours! The red fruit predominates and the terroir shows through with minerality and sweet spices. Enjoyed when young or kept back for later, these wines will enchant your palate with their purity and length on the palate …
Intense & Precious
Beginning of the harvest on October 5th. Late vintage because of the cold and wet spring, followed by a hot and bright summer like in 1978. The small grapes matured nicely and promise lovely quality wines.
Balanced & Complex
The juices are full-bodied, elegant and with a good structure. A very promising vintage but with small volumes. Harvest began on September 23rd.
Silky & Expressive
Harvest began on September 3rd. The wines proved all their potential at the end of ageing, beautifully respecting their terroir. Supple tannins. Wines lighter in alcohol than 2010. To be appreciated rather young, except for the Grands Crus that have a nice ageing potential.
Pure & Sensual
Harvest began on September 30th. The wine expresses all the delicacy, elegance and the typicity of the Pinot Noir. The wine connoisseur will be thrilled by the pure and sensual texture of our wines and the terroir’s perfect expression. True ageing potential.
Rich & "Gourmand"
Harvest started on September 15th. Full wines. The village appellations can be tasted now. Keep Grands Crus and Premiers Crus a little more, they still have a lot of potential for the years to come.
Straight & Full-bodied
Harvest began on September 24th. It’s an ideal vintage for ageing. Surprising by the freshness due to an unusual high acidity. The village appellations are starting to open up for the pleasure of the palate.
Subtlke & Aromatic
Harvesting started on 5 September; this early vintage created supple wines with lovely aromatic complexity. It shows no hardness on the palate, and is distinguished by its finesse and elegance. The wines are drinking well now but the Grand Crus will keep for another twenty years.

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